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Natural material – Washable – Latex-free – Soft Elastic – Adjustable – Designer

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Reusable Mask Cover FREE with every purchase

They are ideal for all-day use and work perfectly for walking, running, grocery shopping and any other daily use. These can be tied behind the head with a Gillori Mask Comforter which makes it comfortable, pain free and doesn't pull the ears forward or hang on the ears, as compared to the elastic loop masks. When not in use, it can be pulled down to sit on your neck without any discomfort.

Features -

INNOVATIVE COMFORTER TECHNOLOGY - Get rid of that EAR pain and Irritation which is caused by Mask Elastics. Mask comforters are a great way to avoid that irritating sensation. Mask Comforter is a solution for all those people who wear masks for long intervals such as office and business goers.

EYE-WEAR FRIENDLY DESIGN - Gillori Mask with Comforter solves one more issue for people who use eye-wear. Our perfect Fabric cut design and nose pic coupled with Mask Comforter eliminates FOG ISSUE, when used properly.

SUPER SOFT 3 LAYERED MASK WITH FILTRATION: 3 Layers Made with high-quality cotton, making it soft and ultra-lightweight. High quality Polypropylene used as a middle layer for superior Virus and Pollution protection.

ADJUSTABLE NOSE CLIP: Comes with a high-quality adjustable nose pin to give a snug fit Breath-ability.

WASHABLE & REUSABLE - The mask can be worn multiple times but we do recommend the senitization of the mask after every use. Quality and High count of the fabric thread helps you stay fresh during the hot summer days. Unlike other polyester masks, cotton masks use layers to build a defense system, which can be used multiple times to prevent dust and air.

FIT - These masks are free size and fits perfectly for all face sizes, without any side or top gaps. If you're wearing it with a Gillori Flexible Mask Comforter, then the mask will automatically adjust to your face type. The large surface area of the mask helps cover your entire face giving you a higher protection for germs, bacteria and dust particles.

MADE IN INDIA BY LOCAL ARTISANS WHO LOST THEIR JOBS - All our masks are handcrafted by daily wage artisans who have lost their jobs to the corona-virus pandemic. These artisans work from our office or their home under strict quarantine to create these Eco-friendly and sustainable masks for you. Thanks to your decision to support them, they are now able to provide for their families in this time of uncertainty.

Machine/hand wash with warm water and gentle soap. Please wash the mask before use.

Standard delivery period is 7 -10 days

Created on WHO’s recommendations for facial protection protocols.
These face masks are neither surgical masks nor N95 respirators.

If this is not a medical-grade mask, how does it help?
Unless you frequent high-risk contamination areas like hospitals, the CDC and WHO advise the use of simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others. Hence wearing a cloth mask or any form of facial covering prevents the transmission of Covid-19

Should I buy a medical grade mask ?
N95 masks and surgical masks are meant for single use only. FDA has approved tedious sanitization methods for N95 masks but still they can be sanitized for only up-to 3 times. Would you reuse and keep at home a compromised mask without washing? Fabric masks if used by everyone are safe and more Eco-friendly.

How can I be sure these masks are adequately sanitized?
All our products go through a strict multi-level sanitization process before they are hygienically packed. All masks are washed, sun-dried in a dust-free environment, and treated at a temperature higher than 56 degrees Celsius before being shipped to you with love.

Can we return masks ?
Unfortunately due to health concerns and to minimize the further spread of Covid 19, we cannot accept a mask back.

How do you donate masks?
For each mask you purchase, we donate one mask to the less privileged. We prioritize giving masks to underprivileged children who need them the most. If you know someone or a community who needs masks kindly write to us at