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About the name “Gillori”

In the northern part of India, when “Paan” is ready to serve, it is called “Gillori”.

“Gillori” represents a variety of tastes and colours, just like a “Paan” ready to serve. Just like different flavours of chutneys, betel nuts, gulkand and aromas are mixed to make a Paan Gillori. We use an amalgamation of different fabrics, styles and colours to offer you that perfect look.

About Us

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Gillori is the brainchild of Vandana & Pankaj Kapoor.

Gillori originated from the house of “Vandana Kapoor Couture”. Vandana is a professional fashion designer based in Jaipur. Gillori is crafted, styled and designed by her. Her more than 12 years of Boutique & Design House experience gives her the edge in trends and seamless production.
Pankaj is a veteran in Sales & Marketing. His more than 15 years of experience include working with some of the premium financial institutions and banks, where he managed large teams and geographies and helped them achieve maximum output.

Boutique & Design House experience

Our Story

Everything was going great. Vandana was busy managing her boutique, and Pankaj was chasing his professional goals.
One fine day when everything changed due to the Covid pandemic, we thought we needed to do something for the people around us. A lot of people were in need of work to support their families. Their families needed something to hold on to.
We gave it a thought and discovered that there are lots of problems that need solutions. There are lots of people who need trusted quality products. If we can live up to those expectations, many livelihoods can be saved.
Now we can proudly say that lots of families are able to live with dignity just because of customers like you. We don’t have enough words to thank you.
Today we work with many local artisans with 100% end-to-end in-house production. We are so happy that so many women artisans are also able to support their families.

Our Story