Top Ways To Slay & Shine In Salwar Suits

Salwar Suits

Indian apparel has truly taken over a good hold in the fashion world. Especially the one special Indian apparel that most designers and customers love is the ethnic salwar suits. This ethnic outfit is found treasured in the wardrobes and hearts of almost every woman in the country. But when it comes to shining in these salwar suits, you need to know a few things. That's because, even if you wear the prettiest wine colour suit for women and do not style or choose it the right way, it would look just ordinary. So, here are some tips you can follow to slay in ethnic salwar suits and get all the attention on you.

Ways To Dazzle & Shine In Salwar Suits:

Always Choose The Right Colors

It is a myth that traditional salwar suits only look the best when they are in loud and bright colours. Many Indian suit sets are designed in elegant and classy silhouettes. However, you might also find many salwar suits in sophisticated and subdued tones like light green, pink, cream and beige. These lighter hues in kurta sets are an excellent choice when you are looking for daytime wear. So, next time while going across different choices, remember that you can also go for silhouettes instead of loud colours.

Choose It As Per The Occasion

The foremost thing that helps you slay in a salwar suit is understanding the occasion you will wear it. But that's the best part about salwar suits. They are perfect to wear for casual hangouts, brunch scenes, dinner dates and gala parties. However, it would help if you choose the right style to match the ambience of the place you are going to. While simple floral cotton suit sets would be perfect for day outings, the ones with embellishments and heavy dupattas would go for bright night events.

Select The Right Fit & Size

You won't look good in kurta pants with jacket or any other style salwar suit set if it does not fit you in the right way. Also, don't choose salwar suits that are either too loose or tight. The fitting salwar suit will accentuate the areas of your body that you might not want to show. On the other hand, the loose ones will make you look messy. Thus, you must try the suit, check the size and then choose the one that fits well and also gives you room to breathe and stay comfortable.

Team The Right Accessories

No matter which sort of Indian ethnic wear, especially a salwar suit, you must team it with dressy earrings. You can try out different styles of earrings like chaandbalis and jhumkas. Different suit styles demand various sorts of jewellery and accessories. For example, big jhumkas will look perfect on Anarkali suit sets, or go for a minimal maang tikka with a simple festive salwar suit to get a royal look. This section also depends on the personal preference of the individual.

Experiment Different Styles

Today, women are spoilt for choices as many styles and patterns are available in salwar suit sets. The options are wide, from A-line Kurti, Anarkali suit, and angrakha styles to kaftan style suit set. Thus, you can experiment with your choices. For example, you can choose a jacket-style kurta with a heavily printed dupatta or a simple Anarkali kurta with bordered dupatta. Salwar suits are ethnic wear outfits with the best potential to be styled differently.

Take Away

So, now you know the way to slay your beautiful salwar suit. Get going, experiment with things, pick different styles and patterns and give yourself a unique look to grab all the attention. If you wish to find unique patterns and prints in salwar suits, then Gillori is the ideal place for you. Find a wide range of kurta sets in different styles and fabrics to suit every taste. Check out the whole selection today!