Stand Out in the Crowd with Party Wear Suit Sets for Women

party wear sharara set

Weddings are an excellent opportunity for you to let the world know how you stand out by dressing uniquely. Whether the occasion is hitting the red carpet, attending a traditional festival, or meeting up at a hip party, feeling your best in a gorgeous suit set will help you command attention to your looks and shine. The Anarkali attires, ranging from contemporary renditions to dazzling partywear sharara sets, are endless, and you are bound to find something you will love.

In this blog, we will explore Gillori's impressive party-wear suit sets collection and some tips and tricks about how to style your party-wear suits to come up with the unforgettable and most attractive look for yourself and the event in one package. Let's get started and discover it all!

Discover Dazzling Suit Sets From Gillori for This Wedding Season

Meera Anarkali Suit Set

If you have already tried the classics and are now looking for that unique combination of tradition and fashion, this Meera Anarkali Suit Set could just be the one. Furthermore, the designers have brought forth this Anarkali design with their signature graceful flow and charming silhouette that flatters all body types, which have made these Anarkali suit sets the most timeless choice for every wedding. The Meera Anarkali set, which has rich embroidery of various threads and silky fabric, brings us awe and pride. With this Anarkali suit and its elaborative work, you should think of matching it with a pair of statement earrings and a big, striking bag. Choose a footwear which is a Jutti or embellished flat. They must look as per the outfit which is coming in a traditional way.

Pink City Leheriya Kaftan Pant Set

Switching gears to a more contemporary yet equally party look, the Pink City Leheriya Kaftan Pant Set is for those who love to blend comfort with style. This relaxed fitting in the cut of the top, combined with the chic appropriateness of the pants, creates a wonderful harmony between casual living and sophisticated dressing, coming just right for any event. The addition of leheriya, a previously traditional Rajasthani dye, stands out as a feature of the contemporary attire, presenting an unexpected yet catchy look. To style the whole ensemble, it is recommended to go with classic silver-coloured jewellery that can be worn as a necklace or stacked bracelet. For footwear, wear sandals with straps and garters for your foot to high heels based on the style and level of the event.

Rani Pink Flared Suit Set

If you are aiming for a look that's both bold and beautiful, the Rani Pink Flared Suit Set should definitely be your go-to. There's something truly magical about this vibrant shade of pink that catches the eye and doesn't let go. Not only does this colour stand out in any crowd, but the flared silhouette adds a playful yet elegant charm to your ensemble. Perfect for weddings, festivals, or any grand celebration, this outfit pairs well with gold or pearl jewellery, adding a touch of sophistication to your look. When styling this suit set, opt for high heels to accentuate the flared design of the outfit.

Mogra Gota Patti Sharara Set

The moment you enter the room with ​​Mogra Gota Patti Sharara Set, you can feel yourself like a queen. The exact type of ensemble is a great masterpiece embedded with tradition and aristocracy. These are artistic details of this kind of embroidery, which includes small pieces of zari ribbon stitched together to create beautiful designs. It's like art on art; you glow anytime you appear in any function. Upgrade your attire with traditional accessories such as jungles and Kundan neckpieces for a splendid look. Suit up your shoes that help to enhance the richness of the outfit, such as Kolhapuris or embellished flats.

Charming Black Suit Set

Those who say black is not for party wear should be prepared to challenge their beliefs, as the Charming Black Suit Set is here to dethrone all traditions. It is this match which makes this ensemble beautiful and fantastic at any event. The secret formula to looking sharp in a black suit set is the injection of accessories and details into it. Go for a pair that has premium embroidery or embellishment in gold, silver, and vibrant colours to sustain the liveliness of the party theme. You can easily complement the outfit set with huge earrings or an outstanding neckpiece, which will make the overall appearance much more striking. Shoes would be an option encompassing stilettos or flats, respectively, based on what is comfortable for you and the setting of the event.

Sparkle Black Chanderi Suit Set

Dive into the ocean of traditional elegance with the Indigo Handblock Sharara Set. This outfit stands out for its bold and beautiful indigo colour, combined with the timeless charm of handblock prints. The sharara set encapsulates the essence of Indian heritage with a touch of modernity, making it a perfect choice for women who value both style and tradition. Featuring a flared sharara and a beautifully designed kurta, this set is all about adding a vibrant flair to your party-wear collection. To further accentuate this ensemble, accessorise with chunky silver jewellery and a pair of embroidered juttis to create a stunning traditional look that is bound to turn heads. Pair this exquisite piece with silver or diamond studs to enhance the sophisticated look.

Indigo Handblock Sharara Set

Be conquered by the ocean of traditional magnificence with the Indigo Handblock Sharara Set. Side by this attire is its dazzling, deep blue colour, which is in vivid contrast with the classical handwork of block printing. Sharara sets symbolise the vibrant spirit of Indian culture with a hint of modernity, and this makes them a perfect choice of attire for ladies who love tradition and fashion. Featuring a skirt flutters and a gorgeously created kurta, this outfit epitomises adding a brilliant touch of panache to your party wear collection. In order to complete the outfit, dress up with big silver accessory items and a pair of hand-embroidered juttis to make a really vivid traditional look that will definitely attract numerous eyeballs.

Deep Blue Velvet Embroidered Kurta with Palazzo

Picking the right outfit can be a daunting task, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and exude luxury and classic style at your next party, go for the deep blue velvet embroidered kurta with matching palazzo pants. This set will be the most regal and the most stunning as it royally laces velvet with the intricacy of embroidery. The amazing thing about the colour blue is its royalness since it can blend with many seasons and occasions, such as winter, weddings or parties.

Jashn Hand-block Printed Suit Set

For the ones with bold and earthy style, the Jashn hand-block printed suit set can be an ideal choice. This outfit symbolises traditional Indian artistry with its ornate hand-block prints that can be called a mark of artisans' skilled labour. The gown set in question combines colourful shades and patterns that are made to make you look all the more glamorous. The porous fabric is, therefore, the best choice for summertime and any other occasion where you want to look good and feel comfortable. Team up this pair of suits with some antique silver jewellery and some traditional mojaris to highlight the ethnic look.

Radhika Kalidaar Sharara Set

Envision yourself wearing a fashion that incorporates modern minimalism with age-old elegance. The Radhika Kalidaar Sharara Set is designed to achieve this very purpose. This combination is of a kurta, which is long and a sharara, which effortlessly adds a clearheadedness to the look. Emphasising this look will be done by playing with the colours and the fabric. As the setup is essentially alive, preferring minimalistic jewellery like a dainty chain and pendant or a pair of golden drop earrings would be reasonable. A variety of footwear options, from runway-worthy stiletto heels to traditional mojaris, can be opted for based on the occasion and your convenience. These two collections feature powerful and bold declarations for party wear looks.


Expressing yourself and adding your individual stamp is party wear at its most formal and rooted in tradition. Decide either to go for a modern sharara set or an Anarkali suit set, but also take into account how you carry yourself on the day itself because you will make a true difference. Be confident in your choices of colours, patterns, and accessories. Be yourself without copying the latest trends. Remember: Confidence is key. Dress yourself up with a mock-sassy and gracious attitude along with the accessory to grab the attention of the observers. Choose them wisely. Last but not least, the much-preferred pair should never be infringed by style at the expense of comfort.

While you are getting ready for your next party with these outfits from Gillori, you need to think of gearing up for your upcoming party time with the exquisite collection of suit sets from Gillori; take your suit as a canvas to express yourself. Be comfortable with yourself, smile boldly, and your Party dress will reveal anything that a hot speech cannot. By employing these pointers, you pave the way to separate yourself from the rest and provide that character to your wardrobe this season, one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.