Exploring the Hottest Ethnic co-ord Set Styles of the Season

Exploring the Hottest Ethnic co-ord Set Styles of the Season

When it comes to fashion, there's no denying that ethnic wear has a charm of its own. From vibrant colours to intricate designs, ethnic wear has the power to make a statement and turn heads wherever you go. And one trend that has been making waves in the fashion world is the ethnic co-ord sets.

Co-ord sets are all the rage right now. They have a matching top and bottom, often in the same print or fabric. Additionally, they offer a complete, put-together look effortlessly, making them popular for various occasions. 

Co-ord sets are the perfect option, even for daily wear purposes. From the simple, bold colours to elegant prints of the dress, find your match by understanding your style and what kind of dress you prefer, even for an occasion. This blog post lists the hottest ethnic co-ord set styles of the season. 

Here are the five hottest ethnic co-ord sets of the season - 

1. Jaipuri Indigo Co-ord Set

Most women love Jaipuri prints because they are simple and elegant. The Jaipuri Indigo Co-ord Set would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe for those who like to embrace the traditionalism of Indian prints and colours. And, with its beautiful indigo hues and intricate block prints, the set exudes a sense of sophistication and grace. Whether attending a wedding or a festive celebration, this co-ord set will make you stand out. Finally, pair them with simple statement necklaces and earrings. 

2. Cairo Black Co-ord Set

Black is a sophisticated colour loved by everyone, not only in ethnic wear but also in modern wear with different prints and styles. Now, if you are looking for a co-ord set for women to wear daily, then you should opt for a Cairo Black co-ord set is what you need. Also, it will be a comfortable and chic option to style your office look. And, the flowy fabric of the set ensures maximum comfort for long hours of the day. Whether running errands or meeting friends for a casual lunch, this co-ord set will keep you stylish and effortlessly cool.

3. Royal Blue Co-ord Set

Royal Blue makes a bold statement for you when paired with a statement necklace. Are you looking to add a touch of aesthetics to your outfit? Add the royal blue colour ethnic co-ord set to your wardrobe. Also, the best part about royal blue is that they are eye-catching and regal, perfect for any occasion or a traditional event. The co-ord set has beautiful embroidery on the front giving your look an ethnic touch. Finally, the co-ord top and bottom with intricate embroidery and embellishments add a touch of glamour and make this set stand out.

4. Victoria Co-ord Set

Do you want to attend a party dressed up in a co-ord set? If you are looking forward to attending a party and want to make heads turn with your dress, a Victori co-ord set would be the perfect option. And, the co-ord set is patterned with floral prints featuring bold colours, intricate patterns, and flattering silhouettes. Also, with its unique design and attention to detail, you'll be the centre of attention at any party or social gathering. Finally, you can also pair the co-ord set with a simple statement necklace and earrings to complete the look. 

5. Carol Linen Co-ord Set

Do you prefer a more casual and laid-back style for your outfit? The Carol Linen Co-ord Set would be an excellent choice for daily wear, and by adding some simple accessories to your outfit, you can wear it to an office party. Also, with its comfortable fabric and relaxed fit, this set is perfect for running errands, grabbing coffee with friends, or simply lounging around. And, the subtle print and versatile design make it a must-have for your everyday wardrobe. Therefore, add a pair of earrings to your outfit to complete the look. 


Exploring the hottest ethnic co-ord set styles of the season has revealed a vibrant and diverse range of fashion options. From intricate embroidery to bold prints, these co-ord sets offer a unique blend of traditional and contemporary design elements. Whether you want to make a fashion statement or embrace your cultural heritage, Gillori provides endless possibilities for expressing your style. Apart from the co-ord set, the online clothing store provides ethnic suit sets like the organza suit sets, anarkali suit sets, straight suit sets, etc. Finally, the quality of the products is excellent. Find your clothing piece from many options available.