8 Graceful Sharara Trends for a Perfect Eid Attire

sharara suit for women

Eid is almost here, and ladies, you should decide what graceful outfit you are going to wear on this Eid. The most popular and elegant outfit one can think of is definitely a Sharara suit set. It is the epitome of grace and elegance, which makes it an ideal choice for occasions like Eid. It can add that touch of sophistication to any festive look with its flowing silhouette and intricate detailing. In this guide, we will look at the must-have sharara suits for women that are not just trendy but also make a great Eid outfit.

Gillori is here to cut down to the chase when you have to spend a lot of time looking for that ideal Sharara suit for Eid. This range has all the Sharara suits you can think of to wear on special occasions, from a dazzling mirror-work Sharara set to a classy Sharara suit for women—all in one place—how exciting! So, let’s get ready to slay this Eid with Gillori’s range of graceful Sharara suits for women.

Dive Into Sharara Trends for the Perfect Eid Look by Gillori

1. Rani Velvet Sharara Set with Dupatta

The trendiest material right now is velvet, so if you want to make a statement, a royal pink or rani velvet sharara set with a matching dupatta is ideal. With its rich texture and elegant silhouette, this outfit is perfect for celebrating Eid in style. The opulent appeal of velvet, combined with the regal pink hue, creates a mesmerising ensemble that is bound to captivate attention. Whether you opt for an intricately embroidered kurta set or subtle embellishments, the Rani velvet sharara set exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication.

As you immerse yourself in the festivities, the royal feel of velvet fabric on your skin will give you a sense of warmth and comfort, making you feel confident and graceful. You can style this beautiful outfit with statement jewellery pieces and a classic clutch to complete your luxurious and royal look for Eid.

2. Radhika Kalidaar Sharara Set

This Maroon Radhika Kalidaar Sharara Set is a great choice for those who love deep, lavish colours. If we talk about the rich maroon hue, it radiates refinement, and on the other hand, the Kalidaar style adds a traditonal touch. The voluminous sharara bottoms paired with the flowing silhouette of the Kalidar kurta end up creating an enchanting look that pays homage to the evergreen elegance of Kalidaar suits as it gives the look of an anarkali suit with dupatta. The deep and rich maroon colour is a fantastic depiction of Eid as it represents the festive spirit.

This Radhika Kalidaa Sharara Set effortlessly transforms into a beautiful masterpiece that showcases brilliant craftsmanship and cultural history when we take a look at its embellishments and traditional patterns. This trendy yet traditional set can create an incredibly unforgettable Eid celebration, whether you choose to wear it with sparkling sequins or subtle zari work.

3. Banno Red Velvet Sharara Set with Dupatta

Red is a colour of passion and young energy, which makes it the perfect option for celebrating Eid. With a matching dupatta, the Banno Red Velvet Sharara Set is guaranteed to draw attention and spread holiday happiness. The vibrant and bold red colour reflects the festive vibe of Eid, resulting in a look that is confident and graceful. The luxurious touch of velvet fabric takes the traditional sharara set to new levels of splendour.

Adorn yourself in this eye-catching costume and embrace the power of red to represent festivity and vibrancy. The Banno Red Velvet Sharara Set is a tribute to the beauty and brightness of Eid celebrations, regardless of whether you want elaborate decorations or detailed stitching.

4. Shyamal Sharara Set with Dupatta

This stunning Shyamal Sharara Set, combined with a dupatta, will be your ideal outfit for any special event, emphasising the uniqueness of your appearance. This classic accent over-kurta is gowned in mirror work and pearls and has a peach-length straight-cut pattern. The three-layered flared sharara is embroidered with Hakoba lace around the bottom layout, while the dupatta has Hakoba flower sew work done on it.

This graceful sharara kurta set can be embellished with minimal straight-line patterns that bring traditional and modern cultures together in a subtle and harmonious way. The comfortable fabric of the palazzo, with its minimal look and wide-leg pants, adds comfort and freedom, thereby letting you become an integral part of the merriness and celebration.

5. Indigo Handblock Sharara Set

Indigo is a classic colour that flaunts chicness and grace. The indigo handblock-printed sharara set represents a unique combination of conventions and fashion. It looks really cool and, therefore, is a perfect pick for the Eid holiday celebration. The extraordinary, mysterious charm of indigo reveals its hidden meaning of delicacy and classiness, making it the perfect choice for those who worship a simple aristocratic style.

By incorporating the hand-block printing technique, a piece of art is created that carries the artisanal idiom of old craftsmanship and tells a story through its visual narrative. No matter if you choose intricate motifs or bolder patterns, our indigo sharara set will ensure that you'll be most stylish and classy on Eid. This ensemble will always keep you at the top of the style wave.

6. Mogra Gota Patti Sharara Set

An off-white mogra gota patti sharara set will win your heart if you like understated yet elegant looks. Your Eid outfit is given an ethereal touch by the exquisite detailing, which exudes timeless beauty and appeal. The pure off-white colour acts as a blank canvas for the elaborate gota patti work, putting the creativity and refinement of the craftsmanship front and centre.

As you dress in the off-white mogra sharara set, you exude subtle elegance and refinement. You are the epitome of grace and purity. The smooth, flowing silhouette of the costume gives you a feeling of fluidity and mobility, allowing you to walk around the celebrations with grace and charm.

7. Indigo Handblock Mirror Work Sharara Dupatta set

A great detailing option for Eid attire is mirror work, which has traditionally been associated with festivities. A set of shararas with an indigo hand block print and mirror work is extremely charming. The mirror work's reflecting beauty gives the ensemble a festive and glamorous touch while also creating an eye-catching visual effect that is guaranteed to captivate.

The shade of blue gives an impressive backdrop for the elaborate mirror work, letting the outfit project an air of grandeur and extravagance. The indigo sharara set with mirror work offers a compelling combination of history and contemporary charisma, making it the ideal choice for the joyful occasion, whether you choose for subtle mirror details or big, statement work of art.

8. Tuscan Yellow Sharara Set

Wear a bright yellow Tuscan sharara outfit that radiates warmth and energy to embrace the festive spirit of Eid. This bright colour will definitely make you feel better and bring out your inner shine. A Tuscan yellow ensemble is an excellent option for individuals who like to radiate brightness and energy because of its sunny, colourful appeal, which perfectly embodies the spirit of pleasure and celebration.

Wearing the intricate Gota Patti embroidery teamed with a beautiful frilled dupatta adds style and vitality, bringing your contagious charm and energy to the celebratory mood. This outfit can be styled in multiple ways and matched with so many accessories, enlightening your festive looks even more.


These were some of the trendy and graceful Sharara suit options Gillori has offered you to make your Eid celebration a little more elegant and lavish. Now, it is your turn to choose what caught your eye and style it according to your individuality. It can be anything from rich velvets to vibrant colours. There is definitely something for everyone.

Take a good look at this impressive range of Gillori's Sharara suits that have the potential to take your breath away as you look at yourself in the mirror. Let these elegant Sharara trends serve as a source of inspiration, allowing you to embrace the festive spirit with grace, elegance, and an undeniable sense of allure. Eid Mubarak!